My Story

My story began in 2017 when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I was a lecturer teaching adults with special needs. My job became more and more difficult as pain increased in my body. I reached a point when I was unable to work anymore because the pain was so bad.

I remember being in the classroom and I found it extremely difficult to raise my arms to write on the whiteboard. The next day I was unable to walk due to pain and I never made it back to work since.

Prayer gives me strength. However, the pain has never decreased enough for me to return to work. Doing my salah was getting difficult too. The padded prayer mats that were already on the market just didn’t give me the comfort I needed and it was still very painful on my knees and other joints.

This is when As Sujood was born. I needed a prayer mat that would allow me to pray in comfort. I needed a prayer mat that was not going to go flat! We tested a couple of prayer mats using 1 inch thick foam instead of padding and the first two prayer mats sold within 10 minutes of posting on social media! Alhumdulillah!

I knew that this was something that others could really benefit from too.

With the support of my husband and family, As Sujood came to life. We are so excited about where this will take us and pray that our prayer mats will benefit everyone in the way that they have helped me insha’Allah.